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In golf, if you get the basics of the game right, you will be able to give it your best shot. Let us be introduced to the game first. Golf is a game where you need to strike a small ball into a hole with the help of a club. The hole is set at a distance away into which you have to send the ball using as few strokes as possible.Does that sound very easy to you? The fact is, it is not as easy as it sounds. The distance between the ball and the hole ranges from 150 yards to over 600 yards dependingon the difficulty level of the game.The clubs golfers use for playing the game are made of metal or wood. All they need to do is strike the ball so that it goes into the ‘cup’ on each of the eighteen different holes on the golf course. Each swing taken at the ball by a golfer is identified in the golfing terminology as a ‘stroke’. The strokes will be added up and counted for the total score.If you are the player, your total score will be the number of strokes you take in a whole round of golf.The winner of the game is the player who takes the minimum number of strokes.The golfer’s ‘set’ of golf clubs usually comprises of fourteen items that is ten iron, three wood as well as one putter. Other golf gears include the golf shoes, golf tees, golf bag, golf balls, asics canada online as well as a golf course scorecard.There is no fixed time limit for the game of golf. A golf player knows that the game is played on 18 holes courses as ‘match play’ (where the most number of individual holes won outright gets the winner) and as ‘stroke play’ (where the lowest total score determines the winner).In competitions, you will find that the golf matches are stroke play with golfers competing as partners or asics canada outlet individually.Here are some familiar golfing terms:Par: Number of strokes per hole that a player takes to sink the ball in the cup Birdie: A birdie is a player’s score when the player sinks the ball in the cup one stroke under par for asics canada online that hole Bogey: It is a bogey when the number of strokes required to sinkthe ball in the hole crosses the par by one Eagle: The player gets an eagle when he/she is two strokes under par for a certain hole.


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